What We do

We design, develop and produce custom print and digital brochures for homebuilders throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our brochures feature the builder’s custom work and the sub-contractors, suppliers and manufacturers products, all a vital part of the builder’s team. Our customized brochures are designed with the builder’s photography portrayed in an advertorial format, telling the builder’s story with photos and editorial, highlighting the unique style and craftsmanship of each home and the builder as well.

Our print and digital bundle will maximize the homebuilder’s exposure and increase their market share. Consumers are using multiple sources to find the products and services they need to include a homebuilder. Our brochure bundle ensures the builder is visible for each demographic segment during each phase of the buying cycle. The versatility of our digital brochure presents the opportunity to significantly impact potential buyers by uploading the digital brochure to the homebuilder’s website, having it accessible on a tablet/mobile device and it’s easy to share via email with sales agents and potential home buyers.

Our dynamic format provides the homebuilder with a platform to highlight the subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers through a sponsorship opportunity in the brochure. The digital brochure not only highlights the sponsors; but also provides “live links” to the sponsors websites maximizing their exposure and giving the potential home buyers access to upgrades available. For each page of sponsorship in the brochure, the homebuilder receives a page of editorial. The builder receives 1500 printed brochures as well as a digital file for the website, tablet, email and mobile device.

The tradition of the print brochure and the versatility of the digital brochure, created by our award winning graphic design team, will showcase the builder’s work in all the places consumers are searching for a homebuilder. Our commitment to the quality of the product we deliver well surpasses industry standards proven in the thousands of brochures we have produced for our builder partners for over 25 years.

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