Who We Are

Since 1991, Premiere Marketing, Inc. has been making it easy for homebuilders to showcase their homes to potential new home buyers with our custom brochures. We are a marketing company exclusive to the homebuilder. We connect the builder, the subcontractors, the suppliers and the national manufacturers to create and produce a high impact print and digital marketing tool. Recognized as the leader in the homebuilding brochure business for 25 years, we’ve partnered with over 5000 homebuilders and over 75,000 subcontractors and suppliers throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition, we are a 24 year member of the NAHB and a 21 year member of the KCHBA.

Our people; our team think of themselves as an extension of the homebuilder. With a deep understanding of the homebuilding industry, with knowledge of the homebuilder’s challenges, time frames, schedule and need for marketing support, and with the awareness of the importance of the homebuilder’s relationship with their trade partners, our team steps in to create and develop a custom print and digital brochure while the builder keeps on building. Our team members are seasoned veterans in cultivating relationships and partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers and with the national manufacturers to gain access to co-op funds earned by the builders. This connected environment approach is at the very core of our business model.

It’s our history, our 25 years in business that convey trust and credibility. It’s our relationship with thousands of homebuilders, sub-contractors and suppliers that convey the quality of not only our end product, but the entire process from start to finish. And it’s the people, the team of people at Premiere Marketing, Inc. who exude professionalism and integrity every day that defines our success.

Customer References

We encourage you to contact any of our satisfied customers below to receive a first hand account of what it is like to work with Premiere Marketing, Inc.

J.S. Robinson Fine Homes Jeff Robinson 913-441-2988
Zach Construction Charlie Zach 701-604-1986
Woodstone Custom Homes Jeffrey Smith 585-586-0953
Randy Jeffcoat Builders Rhett Jeffcoat 843-837-5133
Deffenbaugh Homes Dudley Deffenbaugh 605-359-2490
Falcone Homes Shawn Falcone 402-861-0180
Estate Homes Linda Kruger 425-743-3373
Galarneau Builders, Inc. Lucien Galarneau 518-587-8191
M. Gerhard Construction Matt Gerhard 920-639-7318
Bedbrock Developers, LLC Richard Brock 602-953-3232
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